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Công ty TNHH Kĩ thuật Thương mại Công nghệ MVN


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Thương hiệu EATON , sản xuất tại Liên Minh Châu Âu EU   European-Union-Flag icon

- Điện áp định mức: 690V

- Dòng điện định mức: 400 ~ 6300A

- Dòng cắt ngắn mạch: 42 ~ 105kA

- Kiểu: cố định, di chuyển

* PHỤ KIỆN (Tùy chọn): Motor nạp, cuộn cắt, cuộn đóng, tiếp điểm phụ, bộ bảo vệ Trip units

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  • The IZMX40 of the NRX series is a circuit breaker for up to 4000 A with depth less than 400mm for the drawout version, without the need to install any additional “copper mines” in the connection area. Tests to integrate it into Eaton switchgear systems, such as Modan, xEnergy, Power Xpert and Capitol 40 confirm its outstanding technical data and optimal compatibility thanks to the flexible connection system. The modular structure, integrated solutions as well as a complete range of accessories and additional functions make it easy to adapt the circuit breaker to any of the required applications. Optionally it can be configured right at the factory – without any extra cost for additional installation work at the circuit breaker. 

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