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filter regulator LFR-1/4-DB-7-5M-MINI-H 539690 - FESTO

filter regulator LFR-1/4-DB-7-5M-MINI-H 539690 - FESTO

Giá: Liên hệ

Tên sản phẩm: Bộ lọc khí - filter regulator 

Nhãn: FESTO 

Mã sản phẩm: 539690 // 1 số mã sản phẩm

539689                  filter regulator LFR-1/4-DB-7-5M-MINI
 539690                  filter regulator LFR-1/4-DB-7-5M-MINI-H
537644                   filter regulator LFR-1/4-DB-7-5M-O-MINI
             filter regulator LFR-1/4-DB-7-5M-O-MINI-H
539685                   filter regulator LFR-1/4-DB-7-MINI
539686                   filter regulator LFR-1/4-DB-7-MINI-H
537647                   filter regulator LFR-1/4-DB-7-O-MINI
             filter regulator LFR-1/4-DB-7-O-MINI-H

filter regulator LFR-1/4-DB-7-5M-MINI-H 539690 - FESTO 

FESTO / LFR-1/4-DB-7-5M-MINI-H  / 

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    Feature Value
    Shipping date  View
    Size  Mini
    Width  44 mm
    Series  DB
    Actuator lock  Rotary knob with lock
    Assembly position  Vertical +/- 5°
    Grade of filtration  5 μm
    Condensate drain  semi-automatic
    Design structure  Filter regulator with pressure gauge
    Controller function  with secondary exhaust
    with return flow
    Pressure gauge  with pressure gauge
    Operating pressure  1.5 ... 10 bar
    Pressure regulation range  0.5 ... 7 bar
    Max. pressure hysteresis  0.5 bar
    Standard nominal flow rate  >= 1,000 l/min
    Operating medium  Compressed air to ISO 8573-1:2010 [-:9:-]
    Inert gases
    Corrosion resistance classification CRC  1 - Low corrosion stress
    Air purity class at output  Compressed air in accordance with ISO8573-1:2010 [6:8:4]
    Inert gases
    Medium temperature  -5 ... 50 °C
    Ambient temperature  -5 ... 50 °C
    Product weight  200 g
    Mounting type  Optional
    Line installation
    with through hole
    With mounting bracket
    Pressure gauge connection  G1/8
    Pneumatic connection, port 1  G1/4
    Pneumatic connection, port 2  G1/4
    Materials note  Conforms to RoHS
    Material seals  NBR
    Material rotary knob  POM
    Material filter  PE
    Material housing  PA-reinforced
    Material bowl  PC

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